NEBRASKA Film Review

NEBRASKA Film Review
Nebraska, directed by Alexander Payne (The Descendants, Sideways) packed the Ellie Caulkins Opera House on Saturday night for the Starz Denver Film Festival “Big Night” Red Carpet Presentation. Image

This was a hilarious and sweet look at family, love and Midwestern America. The director, in an interview here, tells us that the film is about kindness, and that’s true. Black and white cinematography provide a stark, chilly background to the warmth these characters dig up from their depths. Bruce Dern’s performance is classic, and totally captivating. Payne has a knack for taking a character’s rather ordinary journey and infusing it with heroism, until every man becomes Everyman.
Overall, this is a quirky, beautifully shot, and touching film. It’s a comedy and a portrait of a culture. While the film delivers a fun, almost lighthearted, story and plenty of laughs, it also makes us think about how we live with the choices we make.
There’s still another week of great films being screened at the festival, so catch some if you can! 


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