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An Experiment in Conscious Publishing

May 2, 2016

In just a little over two months, my memoir will be published by Laughing Cactus Press, an imprint of Silver Boomer Books. I’ve been upside down with joy, fear, stress and more fear about it, but every day I’m finding ways to move forward. Set up book release events, revamp the website, makeover my web and communications presences, reach out to friends and readers from all walks who might relate to my story…

So this morning, I find it wholly serendipitous that one of my favorite writers and teachers of creative nonfiction is on the path to publication of her memoir at the same time I am. Shari Caudron has chosen to create Conscious Publishing, a venue for literary honesty, and a platform for discussion about the path to publication, specifically the publication of one’s own true story. Hooray Shari! I look forward to following along, and I invite any other interested writers to do the same.

by Shari Caudron Writing the memoir was easy compared to the thought of putting it out there—to be read by real people with real thoughts and feelings and, worst of all, opinions.What if I humiliat…

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