I grew up in Los Angeles and went to New York University for my B.F.A. in Dramatic Writing. I’ve been a script reader for many production companies including John Wells Productions and Village Roadshow Pictures, and talent and literary agencies including William Morris Agency (Now William Morris Endeavor,) and International Creative Management. I held the full time job of Story Analyst (script reader and development executive) reporting directly to the head of the motion picture talent department at ICM (my boss’ clients included Michelle Pfeiffer, Mel Gibson, Dennis Quaid, Melanie Griffith and Denzel Washington). After that I was a personal script reader for A-list actors and directors, including Anthony Hopkins and Marlon Brando. I’ve written many original screenplays and many scripts “for hire.” Many of my scripts have been optioned and put in “development” with production companies at Fox and Disney as well as independent producers. One of my scripts, BASEBALL WIVES, was shot for HBO but never aired. I tried (but failed) to leave the film industry and went back to school for my M.F.A. in Creative Nonfiction from Antioch University. About ten years ago, I moved to Morrison, Colorado, where I continue to work as a story analyst, screenwriter and now, a teacher. Since moving to the Denver area, I’ve taught screenwriting and creative writing for Metropolitan State College of Denver, where I held the position of Full-Time Professor of Screenwriting from 2003-2204. Currently I teach for Antioch University’s Masters in Creative Writing Program and Denver’s Lighthouse Writers Youth Program. I am the author of the handbook Shaping True Story into Screenplay. People occasionally will hire me to write screenplays for them, and currently I am writing a screenplay based on the true story of the Smaldones, the North Denver Italian family who ran Denver’s mob in the 20th Century.


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